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Social responsibility and recognition


We take part in a number of charitable and social projects aimed at increasing the availability of legal assistance. In addition, we participate in the work of international platforms together with foreign colleagues in order to improve the quality of legal assistance on a national scale.

Our lawyers are representatives of the Republic of Belarus in the interregional project of the Council of Europe "Strengthening the status of the lawyer profession in the context of European standards". Together with colleagues from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine we developing proposals on the possibility of improving the regulatory framework of legislation in the field of advocacy.


In 2019, in preparation for the meeting of the Council on Legal and Judicial Activities under the President of the Republic of Belarus, a working group was organized, which included our colleague. As a result of the work of the group, proposals were developed to expand the use of communications in the administration of justice. Some of the proposals of our attorney at law were taken into account when preparing the final report of the working group, and subsequently included in the updated Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Belarus.