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Inheritance attorney in Belarus

Inheritance disputes are a fairly widespread phenomenon in Belarusian court practice. Inheritance cases, in turn, are one of the areas of professional interests of our lawyers, who have rich experience both in protecting the interests of heirs from unfounded claims of other persons, and in representing interests in cases of challenging an illegal will. The inheritance recovery attorney will provide legal support at any stage of the proceedings.

We provide the following legal assistance in inheritance cases:

  • providing legal advice on hereditary issues arising from the registration of an inheritance;
  • preparation of statements of claim, other procedural documents in court;
  • legal assistance of attorney at law in obtaining a certificate of the right to inheritance;
  • representation of interests in court in the division of inheritance;
  • representation of interests in disputes on recognition of the heir;
  • protection of interests in disputes on the recognition of property rights to inheritance;
  • legal support for the division of the testator's debts between the inheritors;
  • legal assistance on invalidation of a will;
  • appeal against the actions of a notary on the issuance of the right to inheritance certificate;
  • participation in disputes on increasing the inheritor's share.

Invalidation of a will in Belarus

A will determines the fate of the property belonging to testator. The law establishes the requirements that a will must meet. Particularly, if the requirements for the form of the will or the procedure for its execution have not been met, or if the law on the invalidity of transactions have been violated, these violation create options to challenge the will. For example, one of the grounds for invalidating a will in an inheritance dispute is the execution of a will by a person who, due to a mental disorder, has not understood the meaning of his actions.

A inheritance dispute lawyer will prepare an appropriate statement of claim, form a package of documents established by law for going to court, and represent the client's  interests in court. If, based on the results of the dispute, the will is declared invalid, then the inheritance will be distributed according to the previously valid will or in the order of priority established by law.

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