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Subscription legal services for business in Belarus

Our lawyers provide comprehensive legal assistance to support small and medium-sized businesses. Due to minimize production costs, many entrepreneurs are moving away from setting up a legal department and hiring in-house lawyers. However, in the process of organizing a business, managers often have requests for legal assistance that cannot be resolved without the involvement of external legal consultants.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in organizing legal assistance to businesses from various fields of activity: trade, contract work, provision of services, including IT companies.

Business lawyer

The presence of a legal adviser on the staff often creates an unnecessary financial burden on the company: the employer, acting as a tax agent, calculates and transfers income tax in the amount of 13% of the salary, in addition, calculates and pays other mandatory contributions, the amount of which reaches 35% of employee's salary. The advantage of working with external legal consultants is that the expenses of the employer are limited to fees for the provided legal assistance, the company does not make any other mandatory contributions to the budget. In addition, legal aid is not subject to value added tax.

Some of our clients ask for legal assistance, even in cases where the legal department in the company has been created, but some of the legal issues should be delegated.

The organization of work is based on a long-term contract for legal assistance. When a request for legal assistance arises, the terms of its provision are agreed with the client, and the amount attorney's fee is fixed. Payment for legal assistance is made on the basis of an act, provided by the lawyer.

Our lawyers provide the following legal assistance:

  • development of drafts of corporate documents;
  • development of draft of personnel documents, including contracts with employees, NDA, NCA, agreements on the transfer of IP, etc .;
  • development of agreements with contractors;
  • representing the company's interests courts and government bodies.

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