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Disputes with customers in Belarus

Consumer disputes are a special category of civil cases, in which small and medium-sized businesses are often involved. The consumer is a less protected party in the conflict, for this reason the current legislation provides him with a greater amount of legal benefits and guarantees than private business. In particular, when applying to the court, the consumer has the right not to pay the state fee, the consumer also has the opportunity to contact the consumer protection society and receive legal support in court proceedings free of charge, plus the plaintiff has the right for compensation of moral damage and etc.

Perhaps for this reason, such a concept as "consumer extremism" arose. The long-term practice of our lawyers shows that sometimes consumers seek to use the service or receive an unjustifiably large discount on goods, motivating their demand with a violation of their rights by the seller, although, after the trial, the court comes to the conclusion that the consumer did not have legal grounds for the claim.

Of course, a lawyer in consumer dispute should help to resolve the conflict in a peaceful manner. If the consumer's claims are clearly outside the scope of the legal field, if there is reason to believe that the consumer is abusing the granted rights, it is necessary, acting in accordance with the law, to organize an appropriate legal protection. Our practice shows that the earlier a consumer dispute lawyer gets involved, the higher the chance of achieving an optimal result at the end of a possible litigation.

Consumer dispute lawyer

Taking into account the fact that a conflict with a consumer may arise at any time, we cooperate with a number of clients on the basis of long-term contracts for legal assistance. Such a format of work assumes that the client's employees, in case of difficulties, can promptly contact a lawyer, ask questions, receive oral advice, agree with the lawyer an algorithm of actions in case of complaints from the consumer.

We provide the following legal assistance:

  • oral and written consultations;
  • participation in negotiations with the consumer;
  • preparation of a legal position on a consumer dispute;
  • representation of the client's interests in government bodies and organizations, including in executive committees on issues of consideration of consumer complaints;
  • representing the client's interests in courts in a consumer dispute.

Consumer Protection Lawyer

Consumers themselves often need legal assistance.

In Belarus, legal assistance in consumer protection cases is provided not only by attorneys at law, but also by consumer protection societies - public associations that are given the right to represent the interests of citizens in consumer disputes.

Consumer protection lawyers provide comprehensive legal assistance, ranging from the provision of oral advice, preparation of draft of claims against the seller, ending with legal support of enforcement proceedings in case of a positive outcome of the litigation.

Dispute with a seller over a poor-quality product: an algorithm of consumer actions

Each of us periodically goes to the store for purchases or orders certain services. But not everyone knows what actions must be taken if the quality of the purchased product or the result of the service does not meet the requirements established by law.

If a poor-quality product was sold to you, you have the right to contact the seller with a request to replace such a product, to reduce its price, to eliminate defects in the goods at the expense of the seller, or to reimburse your expenses for eliminating the defects. In addition, you must understand that by purchasing the goods, you become a party to the retail sale and purchase agreement, and if the sold goods are of inadequate quality, you have the right to terminate the contract and return the money paid for the goods.

If the seller doubts the validity of your claims, he must accept the disputed goods from you and check its quality, including by conducting an appropriate examination. The examination is carried out at the expense of the seller, and the buyer has the right to take part in both quality control and examination procedures.

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