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Defense in criminal proceedings

Criminal lawyer in Belarus

Many years of practical experience allows our lawyers to participate in criminal proceedings of any complexity, defending the interests of both the accused and suspects, and representing the interests of victims in a criminal case.

The right to receive legal assistance is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with Belarusian law, the duty to ensure the protection of legal rights and interests is assigned to attorneys at law, whose main task, particularly, in the criminal process, is to ensure compliance with the law by the investigating authorities during investigative measures.

Criminal lawyers provide the following legal assistance:

  • oral and written consultations;
  • provide the suspect with the opportunity to form a position in the criminal case;
  • request the collection of additional evidence confirming the position of the suspect or the accused;
  • appeal against decisions taken during the preliminary investigation or judicial investigation if they violate the legal rights and freedoms of the accused.

A crimianl attorney plays a special role at the stage of preliminary investigation, when the collection and preliminary assessment of evidence takes place. It is the active work of a criminal lawyer at this stage of a criminal case that often makes it possible to convince law enforcement agencies of the groundlessness of their claims even before the criminal case is sent to court. A criminal lawyer is obliged to use all legal means to protect the rights of his clients.

In accordance with procedural legislation, a criminal lawyer is also entitled to provide legal assistance to witnesses in a criminal case, including taking part in investigative actions: interrogating a witness during a preliminary investigation, giving explanations by a witness during a court session.

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