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Attorney at law on housing disputes in Belarus

Housing disputes are common in lives of many people. Only at first glance it may seem that such disputes can be easily resolved on their own. However, as practice shows, attempts to resolve housing issues without seeking for legal assistance in many cases lead to an aggravation of the situation, and, as a result, to additional losses of time and money. Often, housing disputes affect both family and civil relations, the legislation regulating the mentioned area is extensive and requires deep knowledge and practice.

Housing lawyer will provide oral or written consultations on housing disputes, analyze client's documents, will assess the judicial prospect of a housing dispute.

Housing attorney will provide legal assistance in the following disputes:

  • loss of the right to use the apartment, house or other residential premises;
  • elimination of obstacles to use residential premises;
  • check-in, check-out from residential premises;
  • registration at the place of residence (place of stay), deregistration;
  • recognition of ownership, division of residential premises (apartments, houses);
  • allocation of a share in a residential building in kind;
  • recognition of transactions with an apartment as invalid;
  • disputes related to utility bills, flooding of residential premises and compensation for damage.

Consideration of these disputes can become protracted if you do not timely contact housing lawyers who have extensive experience in this category of cases.

Eviction from the apartment through court

A person can be evicted from apartment by court if there are no legal grounds for his residence in a particular apartment. In addition, a person may be recognized as having lost the right to use apartment without providing another place for living if he does not live in the apartment, but retains his "registration" in it.

Recognition of property rights to the apartment

In Belarus, there are various grounds for acquiring ownership of real estate: as a result of a transaction, inheritance, through privatization, shared construction. At the same time, people often turn to a housing lawyer in cases where privatization was carried out with errors, the legal heir was unreasonably removed from the inheritance, etc.

Recognition of property rights to a share in a house

In our practice, there are cases when one of the spouses, being married, significantly improves the property of the second spouse, which belonged to him before marriage. For example, one of the spouses inherited a house, and during the marriage the house was reconstructed, an additional floor was added, as well as other improvements were made to the property. In the event of a divorce, as a general rule, the house will not be divided between the spouses, since it is not a common joint property.

A housing lawyer through the court will ensure that the improvements made are recognized as common jointly acquired property, which will make it possible to raise the issue of its division in case of divorce.

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