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Legal opinions in Belarus

Before starting a new project, it is always necessary to find out the legal regulation of a particular area, regulatory requirements for the procedure for carrying out economic activities, to correlate the legal framework with realities of life. Often, the whole range of issues that arise before interested parties cannot be sanctified within the framework of an oral consultation, therefore we practice the preparation of legal opinions, which contain not only clarification of legal issues, but also a detailed algorithm of actions that the client can use when implementing the project.

Attorney's legal opinion

The preparation of legal opinions must be entrusted to attorney at law, because in addition to deep expert knowledge, the conclusion can also reflect the official position of state bodies and organizations obtained on the basis of attorney's requests. Attorney's request is a legally regulated tool for collecting information, which is actively used in our practice. In addition, in order to obtain a highly specialized third-party opinion, we actively cooperate with specialists from various, including non-legal, spheres.

We prepare legal opinions in various areas of law: family, corporate, real estate, criminal and criminal procedural, as well as other legal areas.

Family law legal opinion and legal advice

Before starting the trial, it is necessary to assess its prospects, including analyzing the approaches that have developed in other jurisdictions, especially in cases where the party to the dispute is a foreign citizen, or if the child is a citizen of several states. Legal assistance oconsists in clarifying issues related to divorce, the procedure for participating in the upbringing of a child, collecting alimony, determining the child's place of residence.

Legal opinions on real estate transactions

The purchase and sale of real estate objects often involves a number of tax and administrative nuances. Our lawyers actively cooperate with representatives of state bodies responsible for registering real estate transactions to obtain their authoritative opinion and clarifications on various aspects of upcoming transactions.

Legal opinions on the execution of corporate transactions

Today, entrepreneurs increasingly see the need to structure and differentiate their businesses, to optimize the tax burden and operating costs. Mergers and acquisitions, as well as the reorganization of business entities are multi-stage processes that must be worked out from a legal point of view before they start, otherwise unforeseen claims from government bodies may arise, or the transaction may eventually contain a flaw that may be the basis for declaring it invalid. Legal opinion on corporate issues is a guarantee of stability and transparency of the upcoming transaction.

Terms of preparation of legal opinions

The term for the preparation of a legal opinion depends on the volume and complexity of the questions raised, the presence or absence of the need to send attorney's requests, as well as obtaining the opinion of third-party specialists. We agree on the terms at the stage of signing a contract with the client for the provision of legal assistance.

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