Alimony in Belarus (collection, amount, payment procedure)

Alimony, or child support, is an important aspect of the legal system in Belarus. Issues of collection, amount and procedure for paying alimony are regulated by the legislation of the country. Let's consider the main aspects of this topic.

1. Collection of alimony:

In Belarus, the collection of alimony is carried out on the basis of a court decision. An application for collection of child support can be filed by the parent who has the child or by the guardian. The court considers the circumstances of the case, including the financial situation of both parents, and decides on the amount of child support.

2. Amount of alimony:

The amount of child support depends on several factors, such as the income of the obligated parent, the number of children, and their needs. The court establishes a fair amount of alimony, which ensures normal living conditions for the child and corresponds to the capabilities of the obligated parent.

3. Procedure for paying alimony:

Payment of alimony in Belarus is carried out monthly. The obligated parent may choose a convenient payment method: bank transfer, postal transfer or other agreed upon method. It is important to comply with payment deadlines to avoid legal consequences.

4. Changing the amount of alimony:

The court may review the amount of child support if circumstances change, such as changes in income or changes in the child's needs. Both parties can ask the court to review alimony by providing relevant evidence.

5. Responsibility for non-payment of alimony:

Failure to pay child support is a serious breach of obligations to the child and the obligated parent. The court may impose various measures against the obligated parent, including fines, seizure or restrictions on the payment of taxes.

6. State assistance:

In case of difficulties in collecting alimony, the state can provide assistance. Government assistance mechanisms may include salary deductions, bank account freezes and other measures.

7. Conclusion:

Alimony in Belarus is measures aimed at ensuring the well-being of children and supporting families. It is important to know your rights and obligations, and also go to court if you need to change the terms of payment. Correct adherence to the procedure for paying child support helps create favorable conditions for children and supports their normal development.

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