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Land disputes in Belarus

Land disputes are a category of cases that is becoming increasingly relevant in modern society; it is often very difficult for the parties, which is also due to changing legislation at various stages of the existence of land legal relations, and the special attitude of people towards the object of the dispute, differences in the rules for the allocation and establishment of boundaries of land plots in the area that existed at different periods of time, the still presence of land users who do not have documents for the land, but to whom land plots were legally provided, and so on.

Disputes of this kind arise not only between individuals, but also between legal entities, as well as with government bodies that carry out state regulation and management in the field of land use and protection. Moreover, they can arise at any stage of the existence of land relations.

In different situations, the methods of protecting violated rights can be either judicial or administrative.

Most often, a lawyer on land issues is brought in to participate in disputes:

  • on the division of a land plot;
  • on determining the procedure for using land;
  • on recognition of ownership of a land plot;
  • on eliminating obstacles to the right to use a land plot;
  • about the boundaries of the land plot;
  • on the establishment of a land easement;
  • on invalidation of transactions with land plots;
  • on invalidation of state registration of the creation, change, termination of the existence of a land plot, emergence, transition, termination of rights to land plots;
  • on compensation for losses to citizen land users during the seizure of land plots;
  • appealing acts and decisions of government bodies that infringe the rights of citizens.

Considering the complexity of land disputes due to the need to assess many legally significant facts, without timely and competent legal assistance it is extremely difficult to obtain the desired result and defend your rights.

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