Representation of interests in civil cases

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Civil cases are among the most common in judicial practice and, as a rule, are the most difficult for the parties to the dispute. For a plaintiff in a civil dispute, it is extremely important to choose the appropriate method of protecting violated rights and interests, correctly formulate claims with references to the law, and competently substantiate the reasons why the stated claims should be satisfied by the court. The defendant in a civil dispute can prepare objections to the claim, and, if there are grounds, file a counterclaim if he believes that the plaintiff’s claims are unfounded.

Representation of interests in courts

Often, the plaintiff refuses qualified legal assistance, believing that he can independently ensure the protection of his interests, while receiving a refusal to satisfy the stated requirements, since procedural formalities were not observed when filing a claim. Depending on the nature of the violations committed, the plaintiff may subsequently lose the opportunity to seek judicial protection on the same grounds. The defendant, ignoring the need to obtain legal assistance, is often faced with the fact that the court makes a decision in favor of the plaintiff, which is then quite difficult to challenge, taking into account the procedural deadlines established by law, as well as the fact that the defendant is limited in the ability to provide additional evidence after the court first makes a decision authorities.

In order to avoid encountering the problems described, we recommend contacting a civil lawyer to receive legal support at all stages of the proceedings.

We provide assistance:

  •  on cases of consumer rights protection;
  • in cases of protecting businesses from unfounded consumer claims;
  • in cases of debt collection by receipt;
  • in cases of protection of honor, dignity and business reputation;
  • on housing disputes;
  • in cases of recovery of moral damage.

This list is not exhaustive; we are always glad to see new projects in which we can be useful to our clients.

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