Representation of interests in family disputes

Family lawyer

Family disputes are the most difficult psychologically for the parties to the proceedings, and most importantly, for minors. That is why a family dispute lawyer must first of all help the parties to the conflict find a compromise.

Of course, when considering family disputes in Belarus, the court must first of all ensure the interests of the children, not the parents. In this regard, during the trial, psychologists are involved, psychological and psychiatric examinations are appointed, and guardianship and trusteeship authorities are involved.

A family lawyer provides assistance:

  •  in cases of divorce;
  • in cases of division of jointly acquired property;
  • in cases of determining the place of residence of a child;
  • in cases of determining the order of communication with a child of a parent living separately;
  • in cases of challenging paternity;
  • in cases of alimony collection

Collection of alimony in Belarus

Cases regarding the collection of alimony are often complicated by a foreign element, for example, in cases where one of the parents, being a foreign citizen, evades the maintenance of a minor child. At the same time, there are legal mechanisms, including those provided by international treaties and conventions, to which the Republic of Belarus is a party, which make it possible to exercise the right to pay alimony even in cases where the unscrupulous parent is located abroad.

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