Representation of interests in economic courts

Economic disputes in Belarus

As a general rule, disputes arising between business entities in the course of business activities in the Republic of Belarus are considered by economic courts. As in the Russian Federation, in Belarus, after the reform of the judicial system, the Supreme Economic Court was abolished (in the Russian Federation - the Supreme Arbitration Court), and economic courts entered the system of courts of “general” jurisdiction. Thus, the highest authority competent to consider economic disputes is the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus, which has formed a panel for economic disputes.

Economic lawyer

Economic disputes are among the most complex types of litigation. The economic process in the economic court is extremely formalized and encourages the participants in the proceedings to approach the judicial dispute in the most detailed and reasoned way possible. Depending on the category of the dispute, it is important to choose the appropriate method of defense, determine the subject of proof in the case, balance the burden of presenting evidence, formulate a position, supporting it with legal arguments.

We provide assistance at all stages of the proceedings:

  • at the stage of collecting information about the plaintiff and defendant;
  • as part of claims work;
  • in claim proceedings;
  • in appeal and cassation proceedings;
  • when filing a complaint under supervision

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